Photo of me, obviously from 2013 or later


Ville Korhonen / ypcs.


I’m infosec and open source enthusiasist. This site serves mostly as a (semi-)public place for my notes about different projects/hacks/stuff. Many posts are just couple lines of text, written for sharing some short tip to someone when there was no simple enough tutorial available on the Internet. (Currently the most popular contents on this site are list of my favorite xkcd comic strips and tutorial for splitting too large Windows 10 installer files. … I’m currently going through my old content, and publishing some “private” (need to know link) content in near future (2022 update: “near future” = maybe in 2030s).

Hopefully site also provides something for you… Most of the content is in English, but maybe some bits written in Finnish, which serves as pretty good encryption against non-Finnish people. Sorry.

Contact Details

Usually the best way to contact me is e-mail to ville@xd.fi. Use GPG/PGP (6DB5 0EE9 3A65 88AD 7522 8D8A B830 E716 A66F 355E) if possible. My GitHub account (ypcs) contains some snippets I’ve written in the past.

I was actively following Twitter 2007 - 2022, as , but since very poor leadership in Nov-Dec 2022 the signal-to-noise ratio decreased so much that I decided to stop following Twitter actively. It’s just not worth it anymore, as Twitter went from highly reliable communication channel to highly unreliable and untrustworthy. So, as primary social media you can find me on Mastodon, mastodontti.fi/@ypcs. I might have other social media profiles etc., but I’m not following any of those actively.

If you know me personally, you can also use phone, +35850 303 2101, I’ll probably not answer to calls from unknown numbers.